Training Courses

At Ravi's, we truly value your self-development. Why? It's simple: the better you perform, the better we perform! It's for this reason that we offer a number of different training courses as you'll see below. Every Ravi's Team Member is expected to be very familiar with all of the information outlined below before they start work.

Basic Training


This page will highlight safety procedures and policies applied company wide. This is the most basic and the most important set of requirements for working at Ravi's Import Warehouse


This page will discuss the expectations we place on any employee working within the company. It will also mention expectations from Leaders, from Managers, and from Ownership

General Responsibilities

This page will list general responsibilities that can be covered by any employees.

Job Descriptions

Who does what at Ravi's? This page will tell you.

Technical Skills

Basics & Microsoft Windows

This page will go through basic Windows training beginning from Typing and Spelling to operating applications and their usefulness 

Microsoft Office

Almost all businesses use Microsoft Office. Use the information in the link above to find out how you can, too!

Google Apps

This page will mention the google apps used by Ravi's Import Warehouse and will include a general overview of all applications 

Windward System 5

For new hire onboarding, use the new Windward Academy for training. To set up a user on Windward Academy, email with the user's full name, personal email address, and company name (Ravi's). The Academy admin will respond with login instructions to that email address.

Windward System 5 (WWS5) is our Point of Sale system at Ravi's Import Warehouse - All employees are expected to learn and understand the system. The topics covered in this training can be revisited as needed to review. 

Don't worry if you don't understand everything: the videos are just to give you familiarity with the software - just take notes to ask your Leader later. You will learn much more by asking after you have watched these videos rather than before!


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the SUPPORT link.
  3. At bottom of screen “Support Request Password” is Supp2014 and after you enter it, a Support Request form will appear.
  4. But if you scroll down you will see the DAC User Guide broken down by sections. 
  5. Click on desired section and open it.

Organizational Skills

Career Development - COMING SOON!

How do you make an impact and make a difference? How do you excel and be noticed? This is where you can get tips and tricks on advancing your career in a Ravi's company!