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Computer Training - Microsoft Office

Word - no resources yet

As training resources become available, they will be added here.

Outlook - not used

E-mail services are transitioned to Google Apps (Gmail, in this case).

Powerpoint - used rarely

You will have to find your own training for this item


  1. You can get started with your learning here:
  2. Or, just go to YouTube or Google and type in "Excel Training" and hit Enter. You will be bombarded with tons of easy and quick tutorial videos so you can increase your knowledge!
  3. Also, there are a series of PDFs linked to the bottom of this page that provide training on advanced Excel use. See the Neiman Marcus PDF files below. Thanks to our friends at Neiman Marcus for providing these to us!
  4. Ask us for more links and videos if you get finished with the above or need help.
Ashish Bhatia,
Aug 16, 2014, 2:23 PM