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Computers: Basics & Microsoft Windows

Basic Computer Skills

Every team members is expected to be able to use a computer. And if a team member does not know how to use a computer, they are expected to learn. If you do not have any training or background on a computer, do not worry: be willing to work hard look closely at the resources noted below. You will be in good shape to move forward with the rest of training once you have computer basics locked down.

Basic Computer Skills Resource #1: SPCLC Computer Literacy Training Website

The SPCLC website is for learning computer basics ranging between any of the following:
  1. turning a computer on and off
  2. how to use a mouse
  3. how to find, open, and save files
  4. the basics of using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer
If you are already familiar with all of these, feel free to skip this portion of the training.

Basic Computer Skills Resource #2: Basics & Word Processing Workbook

Also look at the document attached below that says "Basics & Word Processing Workbook"

Getting Better with Computers: Typing

Getting Better with Computers Resource #1: Use the Online Typing Tutor

Use the link above to learn how to type better. If you already know how to type more than 20WPM, go ahead and skip!

Getting Better with Computers: Learn Windows

Windows is not hard. Simply imagine that the "Windows desktop" is the same as your physical desktop that you are probably sitting at right now reading this webpage. The mouse on the Windows desktop is the same thing as your hand, moving files from one place to the other or opening documents or editing them.

Getting Better with Computers Resource #1: YouTube Videos

Click any of the following links depending on which version of Windows you are using to pull up helpful videos or documents which you can then print and follow along with.

 Windows Version

 Video Link

 Document Link

 Windows XP YouTube: How to Use Windows XP Windows XP Tutorial
 Windows 7 Microsoft's Windows 7 Training Video Getting Around the Windows 7 Desktop
 Windows 8  
 Windows 10  

You can also easily search "Learn Windows 8" in YouTube for example to have tons of more videos come up!

All Done?

Move on to the next section of training! 
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