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Computer Training - Windward/WWS5 (DEPRECATED)

The below contents have been deprecated and replaced by Windward Academy. Contact HR for more info on how to use Windward Academy.

Windward System 5 (WWS5) is our Point of Sale system at Ravi's Import Warehouse - All employees are expected to learn and understand the system. The topics covered in this training can be revisited as needed to review and clarify instructions and internal processes. 



  1. Find the section most appropriate for your new position and watch all the videos associated with that role.
  2. Don't worry if you don't understand everything: the videos are just to give you familiarity with the software - just take notes to ask your Leader later. You will learn much more by asking after you have watched these videos rather than before!

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System Setup & Data Prep

 Category Setup »

 Main and Sub-Category Setup
Category Maintenance - Moving Parts to other Categories

 Other setup » Default Settings »

 Master Default Item
Customer Default
Supplier Default
Inventory Default by Sub Category
Inventory Master Default by Supplier

Users & Security Switches »

 General Security
Invoicing & Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Purchasing & Receiving Inventory

 Data Migration plan »  Inventory Basics » Adding Inventory 

 Adding Inventory
Numbers - Part/Item/Supplier Part
Non-Inventory Items
Tracking Labor


 Inventory Pricing »

 What is landed cost
How is the price determined
Price Schedules

 Finding Inventory

 Deleting Inventory
Selectively Deleting Inventory

 Barcoding & Barcode Labels »

 Customizing Barcode Labels
Auto Generate Barcode Numbers
Supplier Barcode Numbers
Scanning Tip - Station Check

Part Load - Inventory


Virtual Warehouse  Dataload

 Importing Supplier Catalogue
Virtual Warehouse Maintenance

 Physical Inventory Count »

 Physical Stock Count

 Adding Customer & A/R Information »

 Adding Customers
Basic Information
Finding Customers
Contact Names

 Advanced A/R Information »

Customer Purchase History
Invoice History
Freeform Comments
Warning Comments
Customer Load

Adding Supplier & A/P Information »

 Adding Suppliers
Basic Information
Finding Suppliers
Contact Names

 Advanced A/P Information »

 Financial Information
Checks/Payments History
Bill History
Purchase History
History Comments
Freeform Comments
Warning (pop-up) Comments


 Supplier Load
Converting a TXT file to a CSV
 Advanced Inventory »  Labels »

 Selectively Printing Inventory Labels
Create a Shipping Label for use at POS


Pricing » 

 Price Schedule Exceptions
Standard/Average/Next pricing
Sale Pricing
Quantity discounts
Contract Pricing
Minimum Price level for selling

 Applying Discounts »  Price Adjustment (Global or Supplier)

Price Adjustment - Increase
Cost Multiplier
Base Cost

 Inventory Advanced Options »

 Superceeding Parts
Alternate Suppliers
Labor Items

 Whole goods/Unit Inventory »

 Serial Numbers - Setup
Whole Goods/Unit Setup
Warranties & Returns to Vendors
Unit Trade In's
Capitalization of Units

 Kits »

 Returning Kits
Purchasing Kits
Kit Data Load

 Inventory Comments »

 Inventory Pictures
Web Comments for E-Commerce
Lookup words

Units of Measure »

 Setup & Sale Inventory Items in different Units of Measure

Using Layaway for Display Items (using Block and Move)
Pack Size
Renaming the Size fields on an Inventory record

Ledger Setup »

 Chart of Accounts
Tax Tables

 Form Setup »

 Info Section (Laser Printer Form)
Items Section (Laser Printer Form)
Adding Your Own Text To Forms
 Invoice Tree Setup - General
Invoice Tree Setup - Advanced
Slip Reciept and Slip Printer Setup

 Labels »

 Customizing Laser Labels
Laser Versus Label Printers
Different Methods of Label Printing
Excluding Labels When Printing

Point of Sale

 » Creating Sales »

 Creating Estimates/Quotes
New Sale Feature
Retail Sales -Cash & Carry
Charge Sale/Accounts Receivable
Adding Items to Invoice
Misc part
Finding & Adding Recent Purchase to Invoice
Charging Delivery Fees
Taking Tender/Payments
Issuing Store Credit to a Customer
Sublet/Sub-Contract Labour

 Returns »

 Customer Returns

 Applying Discounts »

 Discounting Items
Discounting Entire Invoice

 Backorders & Special Orders - Out of Stock »

 Oversell or Sell Available
Back Orders
Special Orders
Special Orders - When you already have the item in stock
Special Order Misc Part
Partial Shipments to Customers

 Work Orders »

 Creating a Work Order
Work Order Deposits

 End of Day Process »

POS Transaction Report - Part A
POS Transaction Report - Part B
POS Transaction Report - Part C
Handling the float from previous day at end of day on Go Live date
Bank Deposit Journal Entry
Reconcile Cash Clearing

 Gift Cards »

 System Five Gift card Setup
Gift Card Selling and Redeeming

 Advanced POS »

 Creating a New Invoice - Quick Sale
Creating a New Invoice - Touchscreen
Changing the order of items on an invoice
Consolidated Lines on an invoice
Ship Via Options
Invoice Comments
Freeform Comments »

 Service Invoice - Setup and Sale Unit Type Inventory

 Creating a Tender Type
Invoice Layers
Use Block and Move for Items on Order
RMA - To Supplier »

 Out On RMA Invoice
RMA - credit returned
RMA - Vendor sends a Check

Invoice Sub Types

Promotions »

 Promotions Overview
Buy two get one free
Percentage discount with a coupon presented
Dollar Discount with presentation of a coupon
Points collection based on percentage of dollar valu epurchased
Points collected based on a pecentage of profit on an invoice
Collection of points for later redemption
Price point for product based on presentation of a coupon
Advertised Price with presentation of a coupon
Qty purchased = dollar discount
Presenting a Customer card = a percentage discount
Presenting a customer card = specific price schedule
Presenting a Customer card = advertised price
Redeem points for a dollar discount
Specific Job number = a dollar discount

Barcoded Technician Time Tracking
Selling Serial Numbered Items
Setting Up Existing Floor Planning Stock in System 5
Return of Serialized Item back into Inventory
Labor Setup and Tracking
Technician/Mechanic Setup
Tire and Battery Levies
Tire Sizing
Tire Change: An Automatic 15 mins of Labor
Backward Case Breakdown ("Unbreaking" a case)
Pack Size
Floor plan Items - Supplier Financed
Lein Payout for Trade In's
Floor Plan Rebates

Purchasing & Receiving

 Purchasing »

 PO Stages
Adding New PO
Sending PO
Email PO to Supplier
Finding PO
Customizing Purchase Order Grid - Hide/Move Columns
Sort Columns on PO
Password Protect a Purchase Order
Edit Completed PO's
Deleting a Sent PO
Reversing/Un sending a PO
List of Purchase Orders Report
Receiving PO (Freight, Duty etc)
Receiving More Than Ordered
Receiving Partial Shipment
Single Supplier Order
Suggested Order Report for All Suppliers
PO Expected Report
Add Drop Ship to PO
PO Expected Report by Date Range

 Kits »

 Kits - Overview
Dynamic Kits
Tag Along Kits
Kits with Options for Use at POS
Static Kits
Exploding Kits
Kits Within Kits
Multiple Choice Parts within Kits

 Inventory Comments »

 Comments Overview
Warning Comments at POS
Inventory Comments - Invoice Printable
Purchase Warning Comments
Purchasing Comments - PO Printable
Freeform Comments

 Advanced Purchasing »

 Purchasing Kit Items
Whole goods/Unit Inventory Purchasing
Purchasing Serial Numbers
Recieving PO's - distribute freight to items

Accounting and General Ledger

 Accounts Receivable »

 Pennies - Eliminating
Payment on Account
Scheduled Payments
Using a Transfer Invoice for Donated Items
List Open Work Orders and Layaways (and Back Orders) Report
Invoice Report
Returned Checks from Bank
General Ledger effect of an AR invoice
Customer Vehicle Unit Informaiton

Accounts Payable »

 Adding Bills
Linking PO & Bill
Payments Over Time - Distributed Due Dates
Adding Tax to a Bill
Supplier Discounts
Creating Payments/Check
Reimburse an Employee for paid AP Bill
A/P Advances
Creating a Check Run
Printing Batched Checks
Reprinting a Check
Auto Withdrawal from Bank Account
Paying Supplier Bills with a Credit Card
Voiding a Check
Credit card set up as a bank
Bill History

 Ledger »

 Debits vs Credits in System Five
Accounting Periods - Book Months
Create a Journal Entry
Finding Journal Entries
Journal Templates
Audit Trail - View Ledger Transactions
Paid Out Invoice Journal Entry
Cash Clearing - how to use
List Unposted Journal Entries Report
Edit/Void Posted Journal Entries via a Reversal
Inventory Qty Adjustment & Posting to Ledger
Journal Entry Check
Prepaid Expenses Ammortization


Preventative Maintenance


Creating/Updating Starting Inventory Quantities
Entering Starting Balances for Suppliers
Entering Starting Balances for Customers
Entering the Starting Journal Entry
Entering Open Work orders
Entering Open Purchase orders

 Setting up the Invoice Tree


Integrity Check
Fixing Integrity errors
Integrity - Fix Payments
Test Proof Procedure
Test fix Proof
Bank Reconciliation
Bank Rec - Outstanding Checks
Generating Interest Invoices
Writing Off a Bad Debt
Aged A/R
Aged A/R Balance to Ledger
AR Statements
Aged AP Report
Aged AP Balance to Ledger
Balance Inventory Value to General Ledger
 Stock Landed Value Report
Trial Balance
Main Category Income & Expense Report
Income & Expense Report - Sub Category Detail
Discount Report
Closing Journal Transactions to Prevent Editing
Year End suggested Procedures

Reporting » GMROI
Open to Buy calculating budget figures
Main Category Sales Report
Custom Ledger - Auto fill Function
YE - Balancing Inventory
Restocking Report
6 month Comparative P&L
Statement of Change
Summarized Profit and Loss
Overview of Custom Report Tool
 Customized Ledger Report
Mail Merge
Reporting on Profitability of Labor
Weekly Sales Report
Lost Sales Reporting
Sub Category Profitability Report

Reports - Basic Functions

Reports - Contractor Reports

Reports - Point of Sale Transaction Report

Reports - Inventory

Reports - Pricing

Reports - Sales

Reports - Salesperson


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