5. Safety


Safety is everyone's concern.  On-the-job-accidents result in injury, suffering and financial loss to you, your family and to Import Warehouse.  To prevent accidents, a comprehensive safety program is in effect throughout the store.  Import Warehouse Inc.is committed to installing and maintaining such safety devices as are needed to protect the lives and the health of its employees.  The manager is responsible for orienting you to all company safety rules and training you in the safe and proper method of performing your job.  It is the responsibility of each employee to insist that safe working practices are performed by each and every person.  General do's and don'ts are as follows:

1.   Do report all accidents and injuries to Management immediately.   Get first aid promptly.
2.   Do report all safety hazards to the manager.  These include any unsafe acts by employees.
3.   Do wear heavy shoes with protective toes.
4.   Do keep aisles, stairways, exit doors and fire equipment unblocked and free of clutter.
5.   Do keep floors clean, dry and safe and the store maintained in an orderly condition.
6.   Do quickly clean up any damp or wet spills in the store.
7.   Do report all defects in equipment to the manager.
8.   Do check all tools, ladders, etc., to see that they are safe before using them.
9.   Do use the correct tool for the job; avoid short cuts.
10. Do wear gloves while handling broken pieces of glass.

1.   Do Not make machine adjustments that are not part of your job.
2.   Do Not operate any machine or vehicle unless properly authorized to do so.
3.   Do Not attempt to lift, push or pull anything alone that is heavy or cumbersome.  Lift with your legs not with your back.
4.   Do Not place anything on top of the battery charges, forklifts or pallet jacks.
5.   Do Not wear loose clothing or heavy jewelry which may get caught in any piece of equipment.
6.   Do Not run in any part of the company property.
7.   Do Not pile any load too high which may fall over.
8.   Do Not walk under the forklift.
9.   Do Not climb on to the pallet racks.  Use the forklift or ladder to pull product.
10. Do Not smoke in the main store, Break room or any food preparation areas.

Disciplinary actions for violations of safety regulations and the use of protective equipment can range from verbal and written warnings to suspension and dismissal.