6. Standards of Conduct


At Import Warehouse Inc.the order of supervision for all employees is as follows:  Team Leader, Manager, General Manager, Buyer, President and Board of Directors.  All business decisions are handed down in this fashion and all suggestions and/or grievances shall be handled in a similar fashion.

For new employees, the supervisor is your immediate contact with Import Warehouse.  He/she will do the initial evaluation to see if you will fit into our team.  He/she is the one to look to for guidance and instruction in your work and will insure that you have the tools and information necessary to do your job.  He/she will tell you what is expected and make certain that you know the standards by which you will be judged. 


We rely on our employees' good judgment to recognize and observe normal standards of courtesy and common sense as well as the specific Import Warehouse Inc.rules governing conduct.

Regulations are based on our belief that:

1.  Employees will be honest in their dealings with Import Warehouse, as they can expect the company to be honest in their dealings with them.
2.  Employees will respect the rights and feelings of others.
3.  Employees will observe instructions necessary for safe, efficient operations.

Any one of the following is considered cause for disciplinary action up to and including discharge:

1.   Theft or dishonesty of any kind
2.   Unsatisfactory work performance
3.   Failure to comply with rules and regulations
4.   Abuse or mishandling of equipment
5.   Falsifying work or attendance records
6.   Immoral or indecent conduct on company property
7.   Reporting for work or working under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics, barbituates or hallucinating drugs or having any of these in possession
8.   Leaving the job premises during working hours without permission
9.   Fighting, starting and/or provoking a fight on company time or property
10. Insubordination
11. Failure to report an accident involving company property
12. Disregard or rudeness towards customers
13. Negligence or carelessness
14. Disrespect of the company
15. Disparagement, cursing or threatening any employee
16. Working for another employer without notifying Management
17. Misstating or failing to supply any material fact on any form or reporting required by the company
18. Failure to report to work without proper notice to the company
19. Habitually reporting to work late
20. Punching another employee's time card
21. Defacement of destruction of company property
22. Unauthorized solicitations or sales while on duty
23. Intimidation, interference, disturbance or harassment of any employee, including but not limited to, sexual harassment  


Personal Changes

It is the responsibility of each employee to notify Import Warehouse Inc.of any changes in personal data.  If you have a change in your marital status, number of dependents, education, home address, telephone number, etc., please notify management promptly so your records can be updated.

Personal Phone Calls

Remember our phones are business phones.  It is our policy not to tie-up our phones with personal phone calls during business hours unless it is an emergency.

Cell Phones
For safety reasons an employee cannot carry a cell phone while on the premises.  If you have a cell phone it must be kept in your locker or your car.  Please check your messages while you are at lunch.  Employee use of cell phones while employee is on the clock is not allowed.  

Non-Employee Visitation

We cannot operate our business with a constant stream of employees receiving visitors. Because of safety and security reasons, family and friends of employees are discouraged from visiting.  If your friends must come by to visit you we ask that they do so on your lunch break and not while you are working.


Solicitations of any nature during working time are not permitted.  Likewise, the distribution of written or printed materials during working time and on company property is not permitted.

Smoking Policy

In order to comply with Dallas’ smoking ordinate, beginning January 1, 2009 the outdoor picnic table is the designated smoking area.  Import Warehouse Inc.employees who choose to smoke must be off the clock and at the designated smoking area.

Lockers are available for employee use.  It is necessary that you provide your own combination lock for your locker.  Please notify the office manager of your locker number and the combination to the lock.  This information is kept confidential in your personnel file in the office.  

Eating Facilities

A break room has been provided both inside our building and outside for lunch.  Your help in keeping these areas clean is appreciated.


It is the responsibility of every employee to clean up after themselves and to help keep the store clean.
Food in the refrigerator needs to be marked with Employees name.
Food left in the refrigerator more than a week will be trashed. 


Import Warehouse Inc.reserves the parking space immediately in front of the premises for customer use only.  Employees park at their own risk.  Any loss or damage to their personal vehicle, including theft or on premise accidents shall be the responsibility of the employee.  Mass transit facilities are located nearby if employee chooses not to drive their personal vehicle to work.  

Dress Code

Import Warehouse Inc.employees should report to work neatly dressed, clean and well groomed and have the IWI Jackets on all the time while on the clock.  Sensible shoes (no sandals) and socks must be worn.  As a general rule, dress appropriately for work.  If you have any questions regarding these standards, consult your manager for further guidance.

Tips and Gratuity

The acceptance of monetary value from customers is allowed as long as they are not expressly and overtly solicited.  The employee is responsible for reporting this income on their personal income tax return, as well as consequences of not reporting.  Any  tip or other type of compensation given in exchange for a discount given to a customer is grounds for dismissal and for possible criminal prosecution.